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 Food Timeline Marshmallow Sandwich cookies (Nabisco)

Remember a cookie composed of soft marshmallow gently pressed between two soft vanilla wafers? If you lived in the greater NYC area 1940s-1960s, you're probably thinking about Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwich cookies. They were packaged in twin blue cellophane-wrapped boxes. One of our readers sent us this photo!


Marshmallow sandwich cookies package

Some people say these cookies had a thin layer of jelly or something that tasted like marzipan; others insist they were plain. Some folks tell us the cookie was called Mallows (or Mellows). We found an ad for Nabisco Mallows published in the New York Times, February 16, 1977 (p. 55). We also found Burry's Merry Mallows Washington Post, July 26, 1957 (p. C9). [Sorry, no descriptions or pictures.] Other readers claim these cookies were called Hippodromes. We have no doubt there were several cookies approximating the Marshmallow Sandwich. Montreal Canada Whippets still make two varieties: plain & with raspberry jam.

Food memories are the foundation of personal experience. We fondly remember foods we love and the people we shared them with. We have no doubt the exact cookie you remember existed. From early industry to present day, commericial cookie competition has been fierce. Recipe combinations centering on soft vanilla cookies & marshmallow fillings are endless. The earliest print reference we find for Marshmallow Sandwiches is an A & P advertisement New York Times, July 1, 1932 (p. 10) "ZuZus, Lemon Snaps, Cheese Tidbits, Vanilla Wafers, Chocolate Snaps or Marshmallow Sandwich, package 4 cents; regular price 5 cents." The last? A Waldbaum's [grocery store] ad, New York Times, September 9, 1964 (p. 39). "Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwiches, 2 twin pkgs. 35 cents."



Your memories

We have been going crazy trying to remember the name of the marshmallow sandwish cookies from the 1950's. Didn't they have another name, or were they just called marshmallow sandwish cookies??? I seem to remember the package vividly, but not the name on the package. Any help with that name would be greatly appreciated.

hello...we are still stumped...the cookie name we are looking for did not have a thin layer of jelly in was a nabisco product, and yes it was almost like a vanilla wafer, but not was a bit thicker and had only marshmallow in between..but no jelly...for some reason i don't believe the name was "marshmallow sandwich cookies" but it was in a blue box, and i believe the cookies were in wax paper inside the box..mallowmars had two sku's one with a thin jelly layer and one without. interesting...i will bet that nabisco frequenely researches the web to see the level of interest in some of these old favorites...coming out with 5000 varieties of oreo's is something less than marketing 101...

We used to put a bunch of those marshmallow sandwich cookies on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven for a few minutes. This was back about 1950 or so , in NJ.....They were way better like this. We even wrote a letter to the Nabisco Co. telling them about our great discovery...I think they wrote back ....and probably said "thats great but we are discontinuing them" Hadnt thought about them in about 50 years.

Oh yes, I do remember them well...not only how great they were, but how they also used to stick to the packaging...and I remember the packaging as being waz paper and not cellophane. And how my brother and I would fight over them...and "squish" them down to eat them.

"I recently recalled these cookies that my mother used to buy. I mentioned to a colleage in MA and he said he never heard of them-that they must have been a NY thing!...

yes of COURSE i remember these marshmallow cookies!!!!!!!! i live in new york and they were my favorites!!!!! i can still remember that bright blue wrapper with the nabisco logo int he can we lobby nabisco to MAKE THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I was born in 1961 and remember the marshmallow sandwiches - I also was a fan of chocolate snaps.

I remember these and have been searching for the name of them for years! I've contacted Nabisco and never received a reply. I am 38 and vividly remember buying these in Acme when I was 5, so they were around in 1970. I can picture the box perfectly. A few years back there was a cookie that was so close to this made by Richard Simmons, his line of cookies were called Slimmons, and boy did they bring back memories!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane, and I now know I am NOT crazy and others remember my favorite cookie!!

my sister and i have been looking for these cookies for years. you are mistaken about the jelly, it was apricot and quite firm..or were our cookies stale? the marshmallow was different in texture from our store bought ones. i'd rather have a bit of frustrated nostalgia than a third rate substitute.

yes my wife and I and some of our relatives (all aged from 45-85) recall them... we want them back....

I think the name of the marshmallow cookie was called "Mellow Wafer." Does that sound familiar? This is driving me crazy.

The cookie was around in the 50's (probably 40's and 60's, too). It was two 'soft vanilla-like wafers with marshmallow (or something like that) in between.

I clearly remember the marshmallow sandwich cookies (a marshmallow between two vanilla wafers) but don't recall the jam. I ate them in the 50s and 60s, and my daughter says she had them in 1976 or 1977. This was on Long Island. In fact, she recently asked me to try to find some for her, which is how I found your posting.

My co-workers and I were reminising about the marshmallow cookies. (without the jelly) Marshmallow pressed between 2 vanilla wafers. They were made by Nabisco. We couldn't think of the name of them. I came upon your website and now I know that they were called ..... marshmallow sandwiches. WE REALLY MISS THEM.

I was researching whatever happened to these cookies for my dad and stumbled into your "Cookie History" site. My dad was born and grew up in Brooklyn. His parents lived in the same brownstone row house for several decades. I first remember eating Marshmallow Cookies when we lived in Syracuse in the late 50's - early 60's. We moved to Oklahoma City in the summer of 1963 and our grandparents would send us "care packages" of Marshmallow Cookies whenever they couldn't take the bus to see us. We'd get a number of shipments per year! I know we were receiving those cookies through 1965 which contradicts the statement that Nabisco discontinued their manufacture in 1959. My mom confirms that we certainly received those care packages of cookies through the mid 60's. Also, we don't remember a thin layer of jelly in the cookie. My mom said there was a different marshmallow cookie she'd buy that had a thin layer of jelly and marshmallow between two "vanilla wafer" style cookies, but the whole thing was covered in chocolate like a Mallomar. Finally. I remember the Nabisco cookies were packaged in a long, rectangular box containing two rows of cookies. They were wrapped in something like an amber colored wax paper. There weren't many cookies per package; we had six kids and one box was gone in a few minutes.

i have been thinking about this for years!!! just last night 3 of us were trying, again, to remember- it was definitely not "marshmallow sandwiches" they were delicious and my kids loved them back in the 60s and 70s! Could it have been "Mallows"?

I sure do remember them, they were the best cookies ever made. The last time I recall even seeing them was around 1974-1975, maybe even a little earlier than that. I was only about 4 or 5 years old and I lived In Riverdale in the Bronx, N.Y. I remember my mom going down the hill where we lived and she bought them in a grocery store called Deutsch or something like that, not 100% sure of the spelling on that one, it was many years ago. I remember eating a whole box of them one time, (both individual packages) with milk!!! Those were the days!!! Do you think they'll ever bring them back??? I'd sure love to see them on the shelves again!!!

Yes, I remember these cookies quite well. They were really good and I don't know why we can't buy them today. What were they called? I remember the thin box they came in, the gooey orange stuff that held the marshmellow to the cookie... Will they ever make it back to the shelves again? I hope so

My brother and I have been searching for these cookies for years-he actually contacted Nabisco and received a response-I remember eating these cookies in the mid 70's in upstate New York-I remember them with a orange jelly layer and he remembers them without-We wish Nabisco would bring them back-Do you have any pictures of the packaging?
[Editor's note: We periodically search for pictures of this product. If you find any please let us know.]

I am thrilled. I was sitting here thinking about a cookie that i remember when i was 4 or 5 in the early 60's. I did a search tonight "cookies of the 60's Nabisco" and this site popped up. I've asked so many people about that cookie and noone remembers, even my siblings. I loved em and I'm just responding to thank you for this site. P.S. Think there's a chance Nabisco would ever consider producing them once again? Oh and at the time I was living in Orlando Fl and got these cookies from a small neighborhood market called "The Little White Store"

Wow! Your page came up when a colleague and I googled, trying to figure out the name of those yummy soft vanilla cookies with marshmallow centers that I remember so vividly from my childhood in Astoria, NY. They were definitely packaged in a medium-blue wrapper. Like the Mallomars of old, these cookies came in twin single-length rows--two boxes were encased together in wrapping to make one package. As another writer recalled, inside the box (which had a reclosable flap) was wax paper, and yes the cookies would stick to it a little as you pulled them out!! Every Saturday we went to the Associated to do the week's shopping, and the decision had to be made: would we buy marshmallow sandwiches or Mallomars as our treat? The twin-package concept was cool, because of course my brother and I would polish off a whole row long before CBS' fabled Saturday night schedule began; but then the second box was to be savored, and because it was well-wrapped (unlike today's flimsy plastic Oreo wraps, for example), you could keep the cookies fresh for a few more days. I don't know how Nabisco achieved that texture of soft-and-chewy vanilla cookies that stayed solid until you bit into them (and then they crumbled deliciously...can you tell I miss them?!). Thanks for the stroll down cookie-memory lane!

Yes I remember Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwiches! They were in the "cookie basket" in my kindergarten class in 1960 on Long Island. I remember having them in the 70's as well. They came in a small blue wrapped double pack. I know that they never had jelly, but I do think if they were in the box for anytime the marshmallow kind of made a sticky syrup that got on the inside of each cookie...maybe that's the jelly that some people are remembering. Every time I see the Mallowmars box I think of the Marshmallow Sandwiches, wish they still made them!

Almost every year, a post regarding the name of those yummy Nabisco cookies appears on the nostalgia-based site, The Brooklyn Board . People would answer with various, but incorrect names. So this Baby Boomer took it upon herself to contact Nabisco. Not only did I want the correct name, but I wanted to urge them to bake that again. Well, they were simply Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies. Sadly, Nabisco has not plans to bake them. I think that Baby Boomers across the country should rise up and protest. While we're at it, we should demand the return of Melody Cookies, as well. After all, New Englanders got back their Pilot Crackers.

I also remember the blue double box of marshmallow cookies, but can't remember the name. I was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and we bought the cookies on credit from Louie's Grocery Store. I remember that pulling them apart while keeping the marshmallow intact was a feat that was only sometimes accomplished. I asked my father if he remembered the name of the cookies and he said that at 88 he was happy to remember me and all the names of everyone in our family. Then I asked my daughter if she remembered the cookies and to my surprise, not only did she remember, but she reminded me that they were held together by an apricot flavored sticky substance; not quite jelly or jam. Anyway, she took a ride to the library in Tamarac, Florida with my mother where they tried to research them, but they came up empty.

OK, for the person who lived on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and bought the cookies on credit at Louie's grocery store. Are you talking about Louie's on Roosevelt Street? Wow that would be awesome. He was my uncle. Who are you?? I saw the picture of the box for the Marshmallow Sandwich and it doesn't say anything about apricot. Do you guys have the right cookie?

A few years ago I called Nabisco and asked about the cookies. They said they had stopped making them around 1975. Man do I miss those cookies.

In the mid 90's I actually found a box of these delicious cookies in a corner market somewhere in lower Manhattan. I'm not disputing that the cookie was discontinued by Nabisco in the 70's -- I'm sure it was. I just think my lucky box had been hidden in a corner somewhere gathering dust for 15 years. By the way, they were as good as I remembered.

I grew up on Long Island and I too remember these cookies! My mother used to open them and let my brothers, sister & I eat them while we shopped! They never made it home. I remember the blue package with the Nabisco in the corner, but I cannot remember the name. If the name was Marshmallow Sandwich Cookie, that would explain it! Not a very memorable name, but those cookies sure are. I have been craving them since childhood, and I still glance every time I am in the cookie aisle just in case Nabisco got smart and started producing them again. I did write to them,however, it obviously did not work! I was hoping that if enough people wrote to them, I would find them one day in my stroll down the cookie aisle. Someone wrote that Nabisco stopped making them in 1975. It must have been later since I would have only been 4 years old when they were discontinued. I can't imagine a 4 year old remembering a cookie 28 years later! And I do remember those cookies!!!

This was my favorite cookie when I was growing up in the Bronx in the 1950's. I always thought it had a name other than "marshmallow sandwiches," but when I e-mailed Nabisco a few years ago to ask them the name, they didn't appear to know it, either! The cookie part was soft and crumbly and melted in your mouth, and the marshmallow filling was just right, not too sweet.

It was sort of a Poor Man's Mallomar.

YES, do I remember these cookies? We (me, my family and friends) have been going CRAZY for at least a week now trying to figure out the name of these cookies. I was only 7 years old in 1975 and I not only remember these cookies, but now that I thought of them, I've been craving them. Everyone I've asked said they wanted to kill me because they could taste them, but no one could remember their name. I'm so happy my co-worker found this information for me. I had to make tons of phone calls to let everyone know that we finally found the name. Is there anyone we can BEG to make these cookies again?

Yes, not only remember them, but loved them and a group of my friends have had been asking around for quite a few years now trying to remember the name on the package, we of course, were able to describe the package with vivid recollection, you could see the glint of delight in anyone's eyes that you questioned as you could see they were remembering the taste and it would put a smile on every face, but interestingly enough no one could remember the name of the cookies, "mashmallow sandwiches", (da, how simple) which of course, we all must have said at least once while describing them to the next group of 50+ er's that we were trying to get the right answer from. They were great and remind me of the simpler times, maybe we should ask Nabisco to bring them back!

For the last eleven years, my husband and I have been trying to remember the name of our favorite cookies. I have been searching the web for at least two hours and have finally come across your site, giving me the name! Those cookies in the famous blue and white double pack were the best cookies in the entire world. It was always difficult to stop eating them! You could never eat just one; maybe just one entire pack! We grew up in New York and still live here. Every once in a while we scour the cookie isles, hoping to find that Nabisco has re-introduced them, but no such luck. Thank you for helping us remember the name -Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies made by Nabisco. If only........

As kids my brother and i used to have contests to see how many we could stuff in out mouthes at one time. In talking with my friends, they all had a different method of eating the delicious sandwiches....from twisting off one wafer, scooping up the marshmallow and then eating the cookie. We laughed for an hour on a conference call describing the packaging, the wax paper and how the cookies would stick together as we removed them from the box. Thanks so much for bringing back the 50's.......

I sure do remember those Nabisco marshmallow sandwich cookies. I was in first grade in PS 5 in Astoria Queens, New York (1957) and I brought a box of those cookies with me every day and had them during recess with a small container of milk. They didn't have jelly in them. Just two thick soft vanilla cookies with that delicious marshmallow in between. I used to first eat one of the cookies, then the marshmallow, then the other cookie. I wish Nabisco would make them again.

Hi there! Yes, I DO remember these cookies, and I have asked NABISCO to PLEASE put them back on the grocery store shelves again, but to no avail. It is so upsetting. What they should really do is to bring back to the markets a "Nabisco Nostalgia Line" of, would they sell!

I've been thinking about those cookies for years now. I catch myself looking for them on the cookie isle in grocery stores knowing that they have not been there for over 20 years but I always hope that maybe Nabisco will start making them again. I thought I was crazy to still be thinking about them and that I was the only person that remembered them. They were named Marshmallow in large print with sandwich cookies in small print on a blue box. There were 2 boxes with 8 cookies in each box and they did have some type of dark orange jelly between the marshmallow and the cookie. My guess is it was some type of perservative. Sometimes you would buy them and the cookie would be hard but if you could catch them fresh on the shelf the cookie was very soft and would almost melt in your mouth. I thought about contacting Nabisco to see if they ever had plans to make them again but never have. Sure do miss that cookie though.

I grew up in Brooklyn in the 60'smand they were like the best cookies ever! I can remember the box as being light blue and white and I remember they were packaged like mallomars. Every time I go into a new grocery store I always scout out the cookie aisle just in case.... I was so thrilled to find your website to see there are other 'nuts' like myself out there. I would love to see a photo of the old box! Funny thing is, I always ask friends if they remember them, and some do, but we can never quite come up with a name! Sort of like trying to remember the name of the robot on Lost in Space! well thank you so much for letting me take this trip down memory!

Yes I remember them! As my 6 year old and I were eating mallomars he asked what my favourite cookie was when I was I kid .... Marshmallow Sandwiches! They were THE best. They did have a thin layer of orange jam inside! I was born in 1970 and I remember eating them until at least the age of 5 ... I wish they'd bring them back!

I remember those marshmallow sandwich cookies by Nabisco from the 1960's or before, the marshmallow squeezed between two vanilla cookies and don't forget the little bit of nice flavored jelly . They were my favorite and I've been looking for them for the longest . I miss my cookies, and I thought people forgot about them. It was a twin blue pack, I loved them. My mother always bought them for me and I use to buy them myself at the supermarket Key Food and at the groceries stores ( The bodega's). I always called them marshmellow cookies. I'll never forget them I use to eat the whole pack and there were times when I shared.They were so good I would get carried away eating them. they need to bring them back!........TODAY!Times are different now maybe there is a way of bringing them back and hopefully they will. Only one thing they have to taste the same. Today they just popped into my mind and i had to write about it. So those of you who know anything about these cookies, is there any way we can bring them back?!!

Like everyone else, I too remember those luscious little beauties! I can still remember using my thumbnail to carefully separate the two boxes. It was like opening the an oyster shell in anticipation of the precious pearl within; which in this case was that tasty little pearl of a cookie. I, along with all the other baby boomers (a Brooklyn boomer in my case) would like to to reprise what some of us would consider the best cookie ever made. So, where do we sign the petition?

Thanks for your informative site. It seems everytime Mallowmars make their annual fall debut I start thinking about Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwiches which remind me of my carefree visits to Flynn's (God rest his soul) a grocery store in downtown Jersey City owned by a nice old man who allowed me to buy them on "credit" anytime I wanted to. I remember them exactly as you describe them, and they did have somesort of very thin layer of jelly or maybe it was honey. I emailed Nabisco last year asking them to tell me the name of this cookie, but they never replied. Why are these companies so afraid to go back a little and bring back some of the real good stuff? But you know what, I wonder if they did bring them back if they would be as good as they used to be???Nabisco, why not give it a try and bring em back!

My family is from New york. The Bronx to be exact. The "Mallows" I remember were w/o jelly, just wafers with marshmallow inside. This was one of my Mom's favorite cookies!!! I

..ahh at last...i can hardly believe it... MARSHMALLOW COOKIE GROUPIES!!..i think about them everytime i go to the sending this site to my sister...we used to eat them together..i want one right now.. maybe two.. no three... etc. etc...maybe they will appear one day like magic.. one can hope..

My husband and I have been going crazy for two years trying to remember the name of these marshmallow sandwich cookies. Glad I finally tried the internet and got the answer. We grew up in the Bronx in the 50's and fondly remember eating them with a nice cold glass of milk. We also loved Melody cookies and would truly love to see both brought back to the cookie market. I would love to introduce them to my children and someday my grandchildren. What's wrong with Nabisco? They have a million products many of which no one would miss. Obviously, Nabisco doesn't care to increase their sales from the many boomers who would love to see these come back and from all the new potential cookie afficianados. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to survive on memories and mallomars. At least I finally found out the name of this mysterious cookie.

I absolutely remember these cookies, and have been looking for them for years. I had thought perhaps Nabisco didn't sell them in my area anymore, so anytime I went out of state I checked in the local grocery stores. I think if Nabisco would resurrect these cookies, not only would they have all of us from the 60's and 70's that remember them fondly, but a whole new generation. They were easy to eat, you could definitely polish off one of the two boxes at one sitting. If Nabisco does decide to bring them back, I hope they don't mess with them - the original recipe was a winner!

I sure do remember these Marshmallow Sandwiches. Oh boy, did I love them. I lived in Coney Island and then Riverdale N.Y during 1975-99 and loved them as a child. I felt so overjoyed when I found your site and read of all of the people out there that have had a love for those marshmallow cookies, just as I did. I also remember the blue package & NABISCO label on it. I can almost taste them. I have been looking for those cookies (mainly the name) for years. My husband thought that I was going insane. He is a California native and has no idea what I am talking about. I have tried melting marshmallows between two vanilla wafers but it was not the same. What ever that syrupy stuff was that kept it all perfectly in place was missing. I always wondered why Nabisco stopped making them. There aren't a lot of marshmallow cookies that could hold a candle to those that I remember. As a child I knew that once that bag was opened then that was it. It was so easy to keep eating those things. Anyways wish they would come back. Nabisco was really on to something when they made those!!!

i absolutely remember them. i used to pop them into my mouth whole. i do not remember any jam......just marshmallow filling between two vanilla cookies which were not crisp.....soft but not squishy. they were my mother's favorites. nice memories!

FINALLY an ANSWER !!!!! I'm 40 and grew up in Queens and Marlboro, NJ. My mother and I embarked on a quest to find the name of these cookies about 3-4 years ago and she, too, called Nabisco and they couldn't (or wouldn't) produce a name. It's incredible how our memories of these cookies is so vivid especially with respect to the packaging. My lasting impression is that somehow they "squished" those cookies into the box. They would literally "spring" out (if the marshmallow wasn't stuck) of the box. There was absolutely no way that you could put one back into the box as the remaining cookies expanded to fill the void. What exactly is Nabisco's problem that they refused to acknowledge these cookies ???? WOW, I'm so relieved to have an answer !!!!

I loved those cookies. I was born in Beaumont, Texas in 1957. As a child, I remember the corner grocery store carried these cookies. My mom would buy them far me and then when I was old enough to walk to the store myself I would buy them for myself. Never really a candy freak... but oh those cookies. Wish we could get them again..... HEY Nabisco..... what do you say. :-)

Thank you, thank you!!! I thought I was losing my mind. The cookies I remember from my childhood in Chicago were a very crumbly thick cookie with a strip of jelly down the middle of the marshmallow filling. I don't remember them being marshmallow sandwich cookies, however; I thought they had a different name. For some reason, dromedary cookies keep coming to mind but that could have been something completely different. Does anyone else remember anything called a dromedary cookie?

I thought I was the only person in the world pining for these cookies! I was beginning to think I had dreamt them up. My grandfather used to buy them for me when he walked me home from kindergarten in Waterbury Ct, circa 1959. I vividly remember the smell of the blue box when you opened it, and the taste of the cookies - I liked them when they were soft, and when they got a little stale and crispy, too. Maybe if we thought up a snappier name for them...

I remember those cookies very well. My grandmother used to keep them around for us kids - maybe because there was no risk of getting chocolate on our Sunday clothes the way you could with Mallomars. Where I grew up in New York City they were readily available. Years later, as a young adult, I got nostalgic for them and bought a package. Unfortunately, the cookies inside were so stale you could almost break a tooth biting into them. Who knew marshmallow could get so hard? I guess they didn't move off the shelves too fast, and that's probably the reason they are no longer around. Boo-hoo. Thanks for letting me know - via your website - that it's time to stop looking for the fondly remembered blue package.

I grew up in Glendale, Queens in NY and remember those cookies too. They us eto stick to the wrapper but when you put them in the refrigerator, they wouldn't stick and tasted even better. Add a glass of cold milk and nothing was better. However, I do not remember them by that name. We use to buy ours in a place that is long gone and forgotten by most, a supermarket called Bohacks. Thanks for a trip dowm memory lane, a road too often not traveled.

I was born in 1965 and remember as a little girl always eating those marshmallow cookies....if my Mother didn't have any left, my grandmother always had them...they were delicious....I do remember some kind of jelly...I thought that it might have been apricot but everyone else that I know that remembers them tells me that I am crazy and that they didn't have any jelly in them just the marshmallow.....I think that I know what the jelly that so many people remember is.....I think that at some point, amybe the cookie was hot....the marshmallow got cooked and slightly melted like when you roast them by the fire and that part that melted hardened and it tasted delicious and that is what people are mistaken for the jelly...anyhow, I miss them and had gone crazy looking for them until I found this website.... even though it has been 31 years since they have been made... I feel like it was just yesterday that I was eating them........if the marketing people at Nabisco were smart they were manufacturer them again and re-market them as the cookie that we all remember... I bet you that sales would go through the roof..................................

I sure do remember these marshmellow cookies very much. I can't believe that so many other people miss these cookies as well as I do. whenI was a young boy I can always remember my grandma coming to stay with us for the weekend from brooklyn, NY and she knew I loved those cookies so she would always bring me a whole bunch. The box is so clear in my memory, it was blue with a red trim on it and inside there where actually 2 indivdual boxes that were a tan color and inside there was a wax paper that the cookies were in. Boy I can still taste them as I write this and I always associate my favorite Grandma with those cookies that I loved. Of course I have tried many that looked similiar but none of the cookies today come close to my childhood favorite. I wish they would produce these cookies again and possibly bring me back to my childhood.

Not only do I remember giving them to my children, but my children would love to give this cookie to their children. My daughter was just asking me recently why she never sees the marshmallow sandwich cookie in the supermarket and I didn't have a response. She was speaking of this cookie at work and unfortunately some of the girls she works with never had them so of course they thought my daughter was crazy.

I've been looking for these for years.....I know they were around later into the 70's. I was born in 66 and can still remember where my Mother kept them in the was my favorite snack. nothing compares to them now. They had a very small amount of an orange colored jelly - almost a film that covered the surface of the cookie where the marshmallow came in contact. They never lasted long in our house and has to be by far my favorite cookie. Nabisco should definitely reconsider their decision. I know they were popular in the NY/NJ area but if they can get 27 different flavors of Oreos to sell across the country they surely can market these.

They were my favorite as well - I worked for Nabisco for 12 years and yes they had many variationsthe simple marshmallow between two Nilla Wafers, a version with jelly, one with cocoanut topping, etc. They came in a "single slug" box or sleeve which stacked about 8 of them. Then 2 or 3 slugs were co-packed into a carton - you could also buy the single slug version at convenience stores up to about 1990. In addition products like Pinwheels which used a graham cracker base were very popular. However all were discontinued because they were vastly outsold by another Nabisco favorite - Mallomars, which today still have a cult following in the New York City areabecause they are only sold from October through March because they have a real chocolate coating and Nabisco does not have refrigerated trucks to deliver them in warm weather.

I sure hope they do introduce a vintage line on the marshmallow sandwiches. Many happy and wonderful memories are associated with those cookies. Nabisco should read the comments from all the people that are so unhappy about the discontinuance. They were the kind of cookies, that if you had a really bad day, you could come home, open the box and eat every single one with a glass of milk and not feel guilty. Also the badness of the day would disappear. I vote that we petition Nabisco to bring back the "Marshmallow Sandwich Cookie".

I always knew I had a bad memory but I am vindicated! They weren't a figment of my imagination! I loved those cookies!! Yes, the marshmallow used to stick to the wax paper as you slowly pulled one out. I grew up in the Bronx in the 60s and don't remember when they disappeared. Do you remember how it was to bite into a cookie and how the marshmallow would give and squish to two cookie halves together? Another childhood memory I'd love to relive! C'mon Nabisco - refit a manufacturing plant! Just like Mallomars - produce and ship them seasonally.


I certainly remember these cookies!! My sister and cousins were going absolutely bonkers trying to remember the name of these cookies - we all remembered what the box looked like and certainly the heavenly, delicious tasting cookies. We lived in Yonkers NY in the 7th ward "Little Italy" and would sit in front of my grandma's house on Maple St. and share the cookies with bottles of Yoo-Hoo. What fantastic memories!! What great cookies!! Nabisco, you have to bring them back. I still crave them!!!

If I had a buck for every discussion Ive had about these cookies, Id be retired by now! Often, the cookies would come into the house, and I would hardly get to eat one because dad and brother got to them first. They were the best cookies ever. I even liked the color of the box (blue)! Wow, I wish they were around. Lets picket Nabisco. The only fault is that the box was too small, there werent enough to gouge on, and mom wasnt about to buy the 10 boxes per week that would have satisfied our appetites for these classics.

This is too good to be true. Thank goodness for Google where we gave it one more effort to find out what happened to these cookies. My husband and I thought we were the only ones left who remembered these wonderful cookies from our childhood. They were two vanilla wafers and sandwiched between them was a yummy marshmallow. No jelly or other stuff. We also contacted Nabisco and they said it was out of production due to poor sales. I have tried to make them myself with vanilla wafers and a plain marshmallow cut in half and flattened. It's okay but not the same as when we were kids. But what is??????

Been racking my brain for years for the name of the cookie. I used to save up my allowance to buy them because I WANTED THEM ALL TO MYSELF. It was a blue box and it was a marshmallow cookie sandwiched between the most unusual and yummy vanilla cookies. I live in Ca. now but was living in New York at the time. Nobody I talk to here remembers this cookie. I would give anything (almost) to order a case if I could find them. Well, I finally went online and just plugged in marshmallow cookies and voila! up came my beloved cookie, but sadly it said they are no longer in production. What would it take to get them back?????????? Wow could we get a petition going that we won't buy anymore Nabisco products until they bring them back? jk:( Well, like many others, I'm glad to find out I'm not hallucinating and they really did exist.

I was recently heartened by what looked like a remake of Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwich cookies, but was SADLY DISAPPOINTED. The recent "Nilla Cakesters" by Nabisco sure do look like the old favorite Mashmallo Sandwich cookies - but DON'T BE FOOLED! Nilla Cakesters taste more like Hostess Twinkies. They are NOT a reasonable substitute!

Ok, I have stayed up at night trying to figure out the name of these delicious cookies! I was determined to find out what it was and thank goodness that there are others out there like me who long for the goodness of yesteryear. I live in the deep south and we used to get these cookies at the grocery stores here. Actually they sold here until the early to mid 80's because I remember walking to our neighborhood store to buy a box just 2 days before I graduated from highschool which was in 1985. For all who think that there was a thin layer of "jelly", it was not. The so called "jelly" was where the sugar extracted itself from the marshmallow. After a period of time the sugar caramelized from the marshmallow and it did appear to look like jelly. I believe that it all depended on the age of the cookie. This is why you did not always see it in every box of cookies. Nabisco is doing themselves terrible harm financially by not bringing these delicious wonders back. The chocolate snaps, lemon snaps and chocolate chip snaps were just as scrumptious!!! Perhaps they will consider doing an anniversary type of promotion in honor of some of their GREAT sellers from the past.

I'm so thrilled to see so many people loved these cookies like my mom and I did. We live in South Carolina, and my mom used to pack these in my lunchbox. Like some other readers, I also scour the isles hoping to see their return...Just recently, I saw a new Nabisco cookie that looks "EXACTLY" the same but larger, but turns out, instead of the yummy marshmallow, there's a white cream center. I think it would be a great marketing idea to have a "Remember your childhood favorites" campaign. I will still keep looking and hoping.......


Like many others, I too grew up in Brooklyn and remember the sweet taste of marshmallow covered by vanilla wafers. Vanilla wafers were always a staple in my home but the marshmallow sandwhich cookies were always the special treat. We did our grocery shopping on saturday mornings and my mother would purchase 2 boxes of marshmallow cookies. As soon as she got home, we would open them up before we even put away the groceries. I would always count them to make sure I got the same as my sisters. I wanted to make sure I wasn't* *getting *"jipped"* out of my fair share. :-D With a glass of milk they had to be my favorite. I would like to know if Nabisco has thought of bringing them back. On my way to work in the morning, many of us passengers converse and many times its about food. Marshmallow sandwhich cookies came up in the conversation and now everyone is on the lookout for them. They will be very disappointed to hear that Nabisco no longer makes them. Again Nabisco, pleeeaase reconsider!!!!!! Lets not let this generation chalk up these stories to the old "I walked a mile in the snow, uphill to school when I was young" Let them taste for themselves!!!! And believe

I have been racking my brain for over twenty years over these cookies and could not find them anywhere. In fact I was thinking of them again today..... and found this site! They bring back great memories of my childhood, growing in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY. The corner store carried them and whenever my mom, granny or god-parents slipped me some change, it was off to the corner store for the Marshmallow Cookies with the great layer of filling in them. I can still see the blue package in my mind.

MYSTERY SOLVED...I've been trying to remember, inquire and search for those wonderful cookies from my childhood and with one click of my mouse, I finally have my answer. I remember suishing the two wafers together and having the marshmallow filling ooze out. It's funny but I hated marshmallows when I was a kid but these cookies were one of my favorites. I couldn't believe that the delicious filling had any connection to marshmallows. I wish Nabisco would whip up some batches for us baby boomers!! THANKS!!!!!!

Yes, Yes, I certainly do remember these marshmallow cookies - i have tried for years to see if anyone else could remember their name. my mother bought them as a staple in our home . i am 59 years old. last year i asked my dad, who has since passed away if he remembered the cookie and he could not. We are the Nabisco generation. Also, Nabisco made , also around the same era, a large scalloped edged raisin and molasses cookie with large sugar crystals donning the tops. they were in a rectangular box which opened top-wise and the cookies would rest in red fluted papers (like cupcake papers or serving papers). My fondest memories of anything sweet were these wonderful treats for from Nabisco. Please bring them back - Nothing has compared to those raisin cookies - i am a professional baker and i have tried. Also, the jelly in the marshmallow cookies was either an apricot or orange marmalade (most likely the apricot). I could be in the office completing some task and the thought of either of these two cookies suddenly enters my mind - i don't want to bring back the past--only the two cookies who shared that time with me. thank you

I remember these cookies very well. They were my favorites. Sometimes I would spend all my lunch money on them and eat only them with milk for lunch in the late 60's. I do remember them with the layer of citrus flavored jelly between the marshmallow and the cookie and for some reason they always tasted so much better when they were a bit stale. The one thing that bothers me is that even though they were my favorite cookies I just can not remember the name.

As my daughter says, OMG! I've been trying to figure out for years what those cookies were called and if I could still get them! I LOVED those cookies. My best memories of these cookies (I remember the name being something like Mallows) was visiting my grandparents in Yonkers (near the Cross County Shopping Center) and sitting in a little kitchen nook with my cousin. He would eat one box and I would eat the other!! Our siblings hadn't a chance! Funny- we lived in White Plains but I never remember eating them at home- only at Grandma's in Yonkers! Oh I wish Nabisco would bring them back. Make a petition...I sign!!

These cookies were a big part of my childhood growing up in Brooklyn and Long Island. They were right next to the Malomars and had a real distinctive and unique taste. The consistency of the marshmallow was firm. I dont remember a thin layer of jelly, but my wife does.were there different versions?

Yes, I ate the same cookies described when I was a kid in the East Village in NYC in the late 1970's, and into the early '80's! They are obviously memorable. I find myself telling my kids about them when they eat Nilla Wafers; which are the closest thing going. I agree with those that describe the sticky stuff between the cookie and the marshmallow center as being caused by the two sugary items' contact. It was almost like a smidge of jelly, and I suspect if they got a bit hot there was likely more of it. I share a sublime memory of pulling them from the waxy wrapper - what an awesome treat they were! Thanks for creating this! Ahh, long gone treats from childhood!

"I could have cried when I saw the picture of the Marshmallow sandwich cookies in the blue box. I could almost taste them melting in my mouth. I am from Harlem and these cookies were definitely a New York staple because I could only find them in NY. My mom and I would share these cookies whenever one of us would buy a box since there were 2 boxes to a pack. These cookies were so delicious that we started buying 2 boxes so that we could have the whole box to ourselves. My mom is no longer here but the memories of us eating our cookies together will last forever. I still look through the cookie aisle hoping and praying that Nabisco would bring these cookies back. Nabisco, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring them back one more time!

I remember these marshmallow sandwich cookies and I will be 75 yrs old in March. I grew up in Astoria and Brooklyn and my kids went crazy for them. Not many in the box but boy they were good. Please bring them back for this generation to taste!!!!!

My kingdom for a marshmallow sandwich cookie!

"Yes I do remember these cookies. OMG I looked all over for these cookies not to realize that the company no longer buts them out ! Its the one cookie that I could not wait to open the waxed paper and start enjoying them. Why in the world would Nabisco ever stop making such a delightful treat? I also did not know it was only distributed in the north eastern area only , I live in Florida but I originally was born in Brooklyn and later moved to long Island. Recently I even tried to mimic the cookies by using vanilla wafer cookies and marshmallows but the wafers where hard and the taste was just not the same! I would love my kids to experience that same delicious taste that I once experienced as a kid!! My whole family enjoyed them for years , so Nabisco if you are reading this please oh please bring that cookie back to us!!


Hippodromes (Salerno)
According to the records of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office there were (at least) three cookie products called "Hippodrome." Sadly, all are expired/no longer in production. Salerno's product description suggests it was similar to
Nabisco's Marshmallow Sandwiches.

Word Mark HIPPODROME Goods and Services (EXPIRED) IC 030. US 046. G & S: COOKIES. FIRST USE: 19360600. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19360600 Mark Drawing Code (5) WORDS, LETTERS, AND/OR NUMBERS IN STYLIZED FORM Serial Number 71682193 Filing Date February 23, 1955 Current Filing Basis 1A Original Filing Basis 1A Registration Number 0620513 Registration Date January 31, 1956 Owner (REGISTRANT) SALERNO-MEGOWEN BISCUIT COMPANY CORPORATION ILLINOIS 500 W. DIVISION ST. CHICAGO ILLINOIS Assignment Recorded ASSIGNMENT RECORDED Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Affidavit Text SECT 15. Renewal 1ST RENEWAL 19760131 Live/Dead Indicator DEAD

"Salerno cookies. Very special. Crispy, crunchy, Bonnie Shortbreads or mallow, jelly filled Hippodrome sanddwich cookies, 2 lbs, 25 cents."
---display ad, Chicago Daily Tribune, August 30, 1940 (p. 17)

[1968]"Salerno Hippodrome Sandwich cookies cost 43 cents/1 lb pkg."
---display ad, Chicago Tribune, April 25, 1968 (p. N26)

"10-11.5 oz pkg, Hippodrome Sandwich Salerno Cookies, 89 cents."
---display ad, Chicago Tribune, October 30, 1980 (p. N_B14)

Word Mark HIPPODROME Goods and Services (EXPIRED) IC 030. US 046. G & S: BISCUITS (OTHER THAN BISCUITS FOR ANIMALS), CAKES, AND CONFECTIONERY Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING Serial Number 73074072 Filing Date January 12, 1976 Current Filing Basis 44E Original Filing Basis 44E Registration Number 1049774 Registration Date October 5, 1976 Owner (REGISTRANT) BURTON'S GOLD MEDAL BISCUITS LIMITED CORPORATION GREAT BRITAIN 40 BERKELEY SQUARE LONDON ENGLAND WL Assignment Recorded ASSIGNMENT RECORDED Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Affidavit Text SECT 8 (6-YR). Live/Dead Indicator DEAD

Word Mark HIPPODROME Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 030. US 046. G & S: cookies Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING Serial Number 76192392 Filing Date January 10, 2001 Current Filing Basis 1B;44D;44E Original Filing Basis 1B;44D;44E Owner (APPLICANT) Parmalat Dairy & Bakery Inc. CORPORATION CANADA 405 The West Mall, Suite 1000 Etobicoke Ontario CANADA M9C 5J1 Attorney of Record Linda J. Taylor Priority Date November 17, 2000 Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator DEAD Abandonment Date December 31, 2003


Chocolate snaps
(Chocolate chip, graham, vanilla &c) Another classic Nabisco favorite, sorely missed. These cookies were sold in little boxes meant for one person featuring the picture of a cat-like face drawn on over the cookie. They were made by Nabisco. Sadly, they are
no longer in production

We did find some pictures, though: Chocolate Chip Snaps
Chocolate snaps

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